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Alustock is one of the main merchants of aluminum semi-items in South Africa as well as an expert aluminium systems specialists

  • Alustock offers an array of solutions to the construction industry.
  • Aluminium profiles, extrusions and architectural aluminium.
  • We will provide clients with the ultimate aluminium profiles product to suit their specific requirements.
  • We also provide products/services customisable to suit their clients specific requirements as well as aluminium powder coating solutions.
  • Our main focus includes all aluminium profiles and Manufacturing Systems.


Aluminum is literally everywhere in the modern world. Considering that this metal is the most abundant in the earth’s crust, it has become an integral part of the modern world. Aluminum is a vital part of  the mobility of our modern world. Without this incredible material today’s world, and most the conveniences we take for granted, could not exist. There are a myriad of diverse applications for aluminium, and these can be seen all around us. From improving fuel efficiency in our vehicles to temperature control in our buildings, aluminium is literally everywhere – even your gadgets and tech are encased in it!

Aluminum is sustainable, lightweight, durable and infinitely highly recyclable and the lightweight aluminum products can lower energy costs and reduce carbon emissions in dozens of applications.
As members of ASDA the Aluminum Stockist’s and Distributors Association as part of AAAMSA group we stock quality materials for the Engineering and Architectural products.


Extrusion is a process where the aluminium material is pushed through a die of a designed profile to create products that are lightweight—strong—non-corrosive – and capable of conducting heat—better than other common metals.
There are large ranges of profile and as a Crealco Distribution Partner these profiles can be seen in our manufacturer’s catalogue
This gives access to the profile codes and their descriptions to aid in the ordering of materials


Engineering profiles are aluminum round bars, flat bars, t bars, angles, and tubes. These are thicker or solid for machining, welding, machine building and structural re-enforcement.
Architectural materials are used in the building of various structures from basic to high end homes, office blocks and high rise tower buildings, shopping malls, airports hotels and hospitals. The profiles are designed with the project in mind from economy to strength and structure of the bigger weather related surfaces.


Powder coating not only brings added good looks to a project but it helps in the life extension toughening the surface while giving a good clean finish or a creating design feature. Powder coating is also environmentally friendly and virtually pollution-free as no solvents are used.
Powder coating can add a high sheen or smooth matt depending on the project and with a wide range of colours or natural finishes. The trend worldwide is to move towards a qualified Qualicoat licensed coating specialist as recommended by various control bodies of which there are now some available in South Africa.


The various manufacturing systems are related to type of project and are listed to help direct you to the correct system for your project.


  • Clip 44 Shopfront System – Local and Import
  • Traditional Shopfront System
  • Vista Folding Door
  • Palace Sliding Shopfront Door – DBL and TRPL
  • Casement 28 – Local and Import
  • Casement 30.5 – Local and Import
  • Casement 340 – Local and Import
  • Casement 38 – Local
  • 500 Horizontal Sliding Window
  • Alugluide Patio door
  • 700 Patio Door
  • 700 Flyscreen
  • 54 Flyscreen
  • Alushower
  • Sliding Glass Cabinet System
  • Standard Sections (angles, flats, tubes, rectangular hollows, square hollows)
  • Sheets tread plate
  • QS Doorware
  • Wispeco Related System Hardware
  • Gaskets, Woolpile and Bubble Seals
  • Clip 38 Shopfront System
  • 5000 Folding Sliding Door
  • Edge Thermally Broken Window System – NEW
  • Vertlite Vertical Sliding Window
  • 4500 Heavy Duty Sliding System
  • Rouge Patio Door – NEW
  • Serene Tilt And Turn – NEW
  • New York Balustrade System – NEW
  • Horizon Shutter System – NEW
  • Cisa Doorware
  • Dorma Doorware
  • Geze Doorware
  • GHI hardware
  • 1000 Series
  • We also stock customers own dies


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